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Tallgrass is a specialist sales recruitment agency based in Macclesfield. We work with ambitious SMEs and corporates across the UK to help them identify, attract and recruit the best sales talent.

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At tallgrassrecruitment.com our priority is matching you with the company that suits your professional goals, growth, and happiness. Integrity, personal connection, and deep knowledge in the field of medical sales mean the stage is set for your success. We will coach you throughout the process so your job search can run flawlessly.

Outstanding Salespeople, Fast

We get it. You need talented sales representatives, and you need them now. Why waste time posting positions and wading through piles of resumes from unqualified applicants? We work to present you with candidates with proven records across multiple sectors. Winning sales force means a great bottom line, and we’ll find it for you!

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As a sales professional, you know what it takes to sell yourself in an interview, but today’s competitive market can make it difficult to find those high-quality sales jobs.

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It’s time to land the dream job you’ve been looking for. If you’re tired of combing the internet for job postings, contact us to send in your resume and apply for exciting opportunities.

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